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Waste of money

I usually love games by this maker. Not this one. Can't find anything good to say about this game.


The screen is so jerky it gave me a headache after 30 seconds. The tap controls are slightly more interesting than a virtual joystick. But otherwise this is terrible.

Love it

I love it good story and consoles

V1.0.5 crashes

Crashes non stop since 1.0.5 update

Great 2D rpg

Love this game. Total clone of final fantasy but that's what makes it good!

Just completed it

It was actually a lot longer than I expected it would be, I was shocked, very fun game. Sad it ended lol it reminded me of a DS game! It was so great, wish there was a part 2! I have actually completed twice lol

Good, one major issue

Fun, but making us tap EVERYTHING twice drives me nuts!! That's only appropriate for things you should verify like equipping something, but even basic ui you have to tap twice!


I Love it Thanks so much for it.!!!!! The battle system is a little complicate to attack quick. Other wise is wonderful game.!!!!*****

Remind me of old school RPG game

It's pretty fun and worth money and time that I spent with it. A story line isn't so bad as well. Love it!


Great tried-and-true jrpg gameplay, balanced well and of good length. It has a few issues that keep it from perfection, however. There are maybe too many battles and too much between-battle upkeep. The map graphics are tough to get used to, and the controls are a bit touchy. The story's major pitfall is lack of foreshadowing the main conflict. But don't let those issues detract from what is still a very good game.

Fetch Quests with Cliches

Grinsia basically covers several tropes you've seen in other games (evil empire, goddesses with magical items like Zelda's triforce, etc.). If you can tolerate the cliches, you'll find a competent game here; unfortunately, when you start collecting the 6 treasures, the game bombards you with dull fetch quests. At least the porter system limits backtracking by letting you teleport to places you already visited. Auto-winning against scrub monsters is a nice idea too; it just plays the victory music and shows the experience you get when you become too strong for monsters in an area. The only other problem I have is that the menu could've had better controls; a quick exit button rather than backtrack out every step. Also, you can accidentally choose an item since you swipe to scroll, but at least you have a confirmation so you can decline before buying/using items. I also think steal should either be free or cost 1 mp rather than 5 since it's too expensive in the beginning of the game for my healer to use more than once per battle; in other games, steal is generally free since you give up a turn to get an item. I wouldn't recommend this game since other average rpg's on the app store don't put the main game on hold with having to do mundane things and backtrack (if an area didn't have a porter, it can be tiresome).


고전 RPG게임 입니다. 스토리 구성 잘 되어있습니다. 임무를 수행하면서 발생하는 전투만 하여도 레벨업이 잘 되며 별다른 레벨업 노가다?를 하지 않아도 엔딩을 보는데 무리가 없습니다. 전투는 턴 방식이고 자동 전투가 있어 초반에 편하게 즐길 수 있지만 후반에는 수동으로 해야 전멸하지 않습니다. 1달러에 구매했는데 돈이 아깝지가 않네요. 고전 RPG게임 찾으시는 분들에게 추천하고 싶은 게임입니다!


One of the best RPGs I have ever played on any gaming system. Hopefully a sequel will come out someday. A definite big time winner.

Old RPG Fun

Got it on sale and it was worth it. I love the beautiful character artwork and classic JRPG style it has. Only thing is fighting and menus are a bit odd but otherwise really great if you like these kind of games. :)


8.99 is a bit hefty a price for this game, I'd offer 4.99 or 5.99 at the most, but I got it on sale for .99 so it's not as if I'm complaining. Grinsia is a great game with smooth graphics and combat, like itd predecessors in Alphadia and Eve of the Genesis, and well worth playing, especially if you can snag it on sale.

Great classic RPG

Very fun and well-balanced. Perfect length

Hours of Fun!

This game cured my itch to play an old school RPG. All extra characters bring something unique to the table. It was tough at times but never felt like I had to grind away to keep up with the story. Highly recommended!

Fun game. True RPG

If you like old school RPGs then this game is for you.

Glad to have this game.

I grew up on this style of game. I love 'em. And I constantly look for them. At this day and age, they are scarce! Great to see people still making them. This game is fun. Great way to waste time. I hate to see the reviews of people saying. "great game, must have, fun!" and then give it 1 star, duh? Only things I don't like about game is the menu sensitivity, when trying to scroll window you end up selecting instead of scrolling. Also the pyramid is too aggregating to be fun.


Get your RPG-loving finger taps on this neat little gem! It's fun, fast, and should be a breeze for seasoned JRPG players. The story and characters come straight out of Trope Land, and there's treasure aplenty. More, Kemco, moooooore!

Fun game

Really fun old school game

Great old-school RPG style game

For players who like the old turn base combat style, leveling up and equip customization, thats a great game. Grinsia presents a great world, its a little bit too linear, but doesnt affect the whole game. I recommend that one


Really liked the game, has a good plot and fun to play through.

Great game!

I love it.

A Lot of Fun

Good old turn based RPGs are rare anymore. I had a lot of fun playing Grinsia and am very interested in playing either a sequel or a similar game by Kemco. My only complaint would be that the menus seemed a bit awkward.


Great game!!!must have

A great RPG

Classic style. Love the auto fight option for grinding. Almost as good as holding A-button. Story is a bit mediocre, but I suppose that's classic as well. Good balance, pacing and design.


Absolutely fantistic! Just get it.


Just finished this game, worth every dollar ive spent. Need improvement in screen sensitivity as most of the times its lag when u wan to choose any options in battles

Trying to like

When you try to click the like button after you say yes for the special prize at the target range it says error then when you try to say yes again it closes the app. Have tried several times to do this. I have the ipod touch 4 gen 32 gig

Loved every moment of it

Can't believe how much fun this game was, hope to see more games like this!!!


Feels so nostalgic the minute you first play it! Wish people could post the locations of the hidden characters or the first step to get them with having any consequences.... Oh well

Good game

Real great for .99

Great old school RPG

The game is a good old school. Not that difficult over all. Would love to have more bonus dungeons. Also would love to see after clear game bonus as well. I am playing on my iPhone 4s with iOS 5.01 (latest one?)

Great Old School RPG

Super fun and easy 16 bit style RPG to kick back and have fun with. Haven't experienced the other problems others are talking about. Didn't try to run Open Feint with it.

Broken no apple refund!

This game is broken in so many ways. When you click on report a problem on apples email receipt you get a Cannot connect to Istore. Convenient. You can sure connect to purchase. Can't get money back and can't play game. Shame on apple

Amazing game

Best game ever never been into RPG but this game is really simple and fun ...... Does anyone know where I take the mithril ore?

Won't work :(

If I can't play it I can't really call it a good game, it crashes about 5 seconds after it opens so I hope it gets fixed :/

So fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

It has so many great things that RPG games should have

Great game

This is a really great I recommend im on 4s

Excellent Retro-Style JRPG

If you enjoy playing RPGs reminiscent of the early 1990's Final Fantasy games, then this is a great choice. It isn't as deep or involving as the those games, but it gets the atmosphere right.

Love it!!!!

I love all the kemco rpg's.....i'm never bored! Keep them coming!!!! Thanks!!!!


I was really excited about this game, but I've never got it to work. It crashes every single time. I've reinstalled, been through reboots, freeing up space, closing all processes, and it's never once run. Until there's an update to address this (I'm using iPhone 4 iOS 5.1), I can't recommend this game to anyone.


I don't normally give low ratings, but I'm just signing-in in Open Feint and it crashes already. What kind of game it this?

Love it.

The best RPG from the series I've played yet.

Can't play.

Crashes every time. Please fix.

Soo awesome

Needs more girls and guys that you play as,And it needs way more babes. :-)


Great game if you like games like Final Fantasy, what i like most about Grinsia is that it has an auto-battle button, so monster encounters don't take as long as it would without it. So check it out since it's on sale right now!!

Def. worth $1.

Get it while you can, if you like old school RPG's.

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